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#BehindtheScenes explores the journeys of our various Social Enterprise Partners. Join us in understanding the lives of the beneficiaries and the founders of each brand, and let their stories impact and inspire us.

Today, we glimpse into the scenes behind Claydaysg, a social-conscious jewellery brand that supports livelihood of underprivileged women in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


In their recovering country, there are very limited employment opportunities. Many of them are sole supporters of an extended family. They are trained and paid fair wages for making these clay beads. They are also strongly encouraged to receive education and fresh home cooked lunches are provided as they work.

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Also, through this employment, they forge great friendships and experience much love and support from one another.


Lydia, the founder of ClaydaySG is the creator of the jewellery. She is a missionary from Singapore who turns these beautiful clay beads into clay bead accessories. Her 2 years in Cambodia doing missions allowed her to encounter these group of women who makes clay beads for a living. Her heart is to create stable demand for the clay beads in order to ensure sustainable livelihood for the women. As demand for these clay bead accessories grow, she intends to look into hiring disadvantaged women in Singapore to help make these jewellery.

Indeed, nothing done there is mass-produced. Each bead is unique – individually hand-rolled, shaped and painted. We also have a special promotion for the Fresh Mint Necklace! Your purchase gives them purpose and hope. Click on the above image to shop for a good cause.

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