Cascade Necklace ExCascade Necklace Ex
Halo Floral NecklaceHalo Floral Necklace
OUT OF STOCKOrient Trapeze Necklace (Red & Coral)Orient Trapeze Necklace (Red & Coral)
OUT OF STOCKSafari Loop NecklaceSafari Loop Necklace
Teardrop Floral NecklaceTeardrop Floral Necklace
Necklace – Change The WorldNecklace – Change The World
Necklace – Sanctuary Ox Horn & LeatherNecklace – Sanctuary Ox Horn & Leather
Necklace – Dignity’s Tassel (Purple)Necklace – Dignity’s Tassel (Purple)
OUT OF STOCKNecklace – Boho Tassel BlackNecklace – Boho Tassel Black
Necklace – Dignity’s Tassel (3 Strand Coral)Necklace – Dignity’s Tassel (3 Strand Coral)
Necklace – Eden Garden Waterfall
Necklace – Sheesha Garden (Gold Colour)Necklace – Sheesha Garden (Gold Colour)