What are the shipping or delivery charges?

Shipping modes and delivery charges for each product or Social Enterprise (SE) vendor are indicated at checkout. We offer the following methods of shipping:

  1. SingPost Local Registered Mail – 2 working days for delivery within Singapore.
  2. SingPost Registered Airmail – 3 to 14 working days for delivery outside Singapore, depending on the zones.
  3. Courier via Qxpress – within 3-4 working days within Singapore except Changi Airport, Alps Ave, Sentosa and Jurong Island.
  4. Free Shipping – we do provide free shipping from time to time when we have promotions. Look out for our promo code!
  5. Special bulk delivery – for delivery of bulk orders locally or overseas, please contact [email protected] for quotation.

Note: Working days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

SingPost Registered Mail Rates and Qxpress courier service – for delivery within Singapore

The table below shows the range of charges for delivery within Singapore. For minimum weight of 20g to 500g, delivery is via Singpost Registered Mail. For delivery exceeding 500g, we recommend door-to-door courier service via Qxpress. For Qxpress, the delivery weight can be from 0kg up to maximum of 30 kg, subjected to item size limit of Length+Height+Width, not exceeding 160cm. We will contact you if there are problems with item size. For delivery weight above this amount, please drop up an email on bulk delivery arrangements.

Local Shipping within Singapore

Weight (kg)



















5.01 10


10.01 15





20.01 25


25.01 30


* All product weights with decimal up to 0.001 kg will be rounded up to the nearest 0.01 kg e.g. products with weight 0.051 kg will be rounded up and be counted as a package with weight 0.06 kg.


SingPost Registered Airmail Rates – for delivery outside Singapore

The table below shows the range of charges from minimum weight of 20 g up to maximum of 2 kg for delivery outside Singapore via SingPost Registered Airmail. The charges are based on the location of countries in 3 different zones as follows:

Zone 1 – Malaysia & Brunei
Zone 2 – Asia Pacific (excluding Japan, Australia & New Zealand)
Zone 3 – Rest of the world (including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East)

International Shipping

Weight (kg) Zone 1 Zone 2

Zone 3


Max **


0.02 $3.20 $3.40


0.03 0.05 $3.40 $4.20



0.1 $3.80 $5.50



0.2 $4.90 $8.10



0.3 $6.10 $10.60



0.4 $7.20 $13.20



0.5 $8.40 $15.80



0.6 $9.50 $18.40



0.7 $10.60 $21.00



0.8 $11.80 $23.60



0.9 $12.90 $26.20



1 $14.10 $28.80



1.1 $15.20 $31.40



1.2 $16.40 $34.00



1.3 $17.50 $36.60



1.4 $18.60 $39.20



1.5 $19.80 $41.80



1.6 $20.90 $44.40



1.7 $22.10 $47.00



1.8 $23.20 $49.60



1.9 $24.40 $52.20



2 $25.50 $54.80


**  All product weights with decimal up to 0.001 kg will be rounded up to the nearest 0.01 kg.  E.g. products with weight 0.041 kg will be rounded up and be counted as a package with weight 0.05 kg.

How long do I have to wait before I receive my orders?

  1. Local delivery – 3 to 5 working days
    SE vendors will take 2 to 3 working days to process your order and then ship it out. SingPost will take another 2 working days to deliver it. Courier will take less than 24 hours.
  2. Overseas delivery – 3 to 14 working days
    SE vendors take 2 to 3 working days to process and ship out your order. The products will take another 3 to 14 working days for them to reach you, depending on the zone and postal service infrastructure in that country.

Each order is sent directly by the respective vendors who may set their own timings for delivery based on the place they are located at and the delivery service used.

If you wish to have your purchased product(s) delivered to you in a shorter time frame, feel free to opt for faster delivery options but do remember to check the rates upon checkout.

Do you ship to PO Box addresses?

No, we are unable to ship to a PO Box. We need someone to acknowledge receipt of the items delivered.

Can I pre-arrange a date to receive the delivery?

We apologise for being unable to accommodate requests for specific delivery times. If no one is around to receive the item, SingPost will try to re-deliver it another time. If again no one is around to receive the item, then SingPost will leave a note for pick-up at the nearest post office branch.

If the delivery agent is a courier company, they will make up to 3 attempts to deliver the item to you. It is helpful to provide your telephone number for them to contact you.

I need my order now. Can ACTSmarket expedite the delivery?

Unfortunately, we are unable to expedite delivery. But we will try our best to deliver within the standard delivery time.

Can you deliver the item to the reception of my condo / building / office?

Our delivery agent will try to deliver to your stated shipping address first. If you are unreachable, the agent will only hand over the parcel to your reception staff if you have given prior authorization and if the staff is willing to accept it on your behalf.

How do I track my order or parcel? 

Once your order is shipped, we will inform you of your parcel’s Tracking Number by email or mobile text messages. You can use the Tracking Number to track your parcel on the websites of the shipping agents:


Can I pick up my order at ACTSmarket office?

ACTSmarket doesn’t offer this option for now.

Can I consolidate purchases from different vendors into one shipment?

Sorry, we are unable to consolidate your purchases from different SE vendors into one shipment. This is because each of the respective SE vendors is responsible for processing the orders and shipping them to you. ACTSmarket’s role as a marketplace operator is to ensure that the vendors provide good service to customers, and deliver customer orders as promised.

Can I ship my order outside of Singapore?

Yes, you can. However, please check with your local customs regulations or restrictions that may affect your shipment. ACTSmarket cannot be held responsible for any items quarantined, destroyed or otherwise not delivered as a result of an import restriction, nor be responsible for any duties, taxes or fines imposed.

What if I did not receive my purchase?

First, check your order tracking status and the vendor’s shipping policies that state the number of days required for delivery. Should there be any discrepancies, kindly contact the SE vendor to check on your shipment.

However, should you find yourself unable to resolve the issue with the vendor, for example the vendor is unresponsive, please reach out to our ACTSmarket team within 40 days of payment for us to help resolve the issue. If SE vendor cannot show proof of delivery or receipt, ACTSmarket will protect the customer by ensuring that customer receives full refund. For successful claims against disputes, remember to hold on to your conversations with the vendor, so you can easily access them in the event of a dispute.