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“Children should have pens in their hands, not tools.” Iqbal Masih

All products sold by ACS are ethically sourced from social enterprises that pay fair wages and provide humane conditions for their workers.


ACS manages two brands of artisanal crafts produced by social enterprises in Singapore and India. The brands are Tamar Village and Village Artisan.  ACS keeps stock of brands in Singapore, and fulfills orders locally and internationally.  Retail and corporate sales enquiries are welcomed.  As per market practice, tier discounts are given for volume orders.


For more information on Tamar Village and Village Artisan brands, please click on the links below:

Village Artisan
Tamar Village

It is a normal practice for ACS to adopt a social cause where sales of select products are donated. For this season, ACS is supporting the “liberation” of bonded child labour through education.  Since we opened our shop on 9 August 2016, we have donated nearly S$600 to Zameiru Foundation.  This is made possible with the support of our shoppers.  Indeed, shopping from ethical sources is a simple way  social impact.

Zameiru Foundation

In Pakistan, a land where there’s nuclear technology, contemporary forms of slavery still exist. Children work 8 to 12 hours daily, alongside their parents, making bricks by hand for a measly USD5 per 1000 bricks. Whole families are bonded by debt. When the rain comes during the monsoon season, sometimes bringing floods and diseases, they cannot make bricks and so go deeper into debt bondage. Most of these contemporary slaves are caste Christians.

ACTS Community Shop is supporting Zaimeru Foundation in raising funds to build a school for brick kiln children and other impoverished families in a rural town in Pakistan. School uniforms and books are being purchased for 68-70 students as well as some new desks for the 35 extra kids coming from the nearby brick kilns. The roof has been put on and the boundary wall built. Funds are still needed to build the toilet block and teachers’ office, install electricity and fans. Hopefully, a cheap carpet can be purchased for the children to sit on in the assembly hall.

These are our lovely new students, all brick kiln children, getting ready to start school soon. They are the future leaders. The school will provide a wholistic education – basic literacy, character building and religious education.


Toilet block requiring further funds to be completed…


Through education, we can bring hope of freedom to the children of 4.5 million modern slaves in 18,000 brick kilns.


Through education, we can bring hope of freedom to the children of 4.5 million modern slaves in 18,000 brick kilns.


How you can help

Shop with ACTSmarket or make a donation directly to Zameiru Foundation.   Please contact Sandra of [email protected]