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Shop Owner: Yvette Lau

“The key to helping the disadvantage is through dignity, not charity.” Lance Ng

The inspiration to start a social enterprise came to Lance Ng after a mission trip to a home for the disabled in Indonesia. Seeing their helplessness, Lance was motivated to offer a sustainable form of help where they can derive dignity and hope from work rather than through donations. As the old saying goes, “Give a man a fish, he can eat it for a day. Teach a man to fish, he can eat it for a lifetime”.

GAT started in 2006 as a non-profit social enterprise to impart skills to the disadvantaged and developed their inner potential to create handcrafted products. The creation and sale of crafts empowered them to live independent lives instead of surviving on pity or charitable handouts. Thus, GAT becomes the springboard to improve the lives of the disadvantaged by providing them with the means to restore their dignity and independence.

For once, take away something extra from your gifts, knowing that you are giving back to the hands who made them.

GAT supports the following social groups in Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam:

Meet the Blessed Souls of GAT

The Disadvantaged Mothers

The Abused

The physically or mentally impaired

The Landmine Survivors

The handicapped


“Years ago, I managed to obtain a certification in an art school for design and fashion. However, as a hearing-impaired and a divorcee, it was extremely tough finding a sustainable job in the sewing industry. Hence, I had to take on multiple jobs as a food and beverage waitress. Thankfully, when I sought help from GAT, they willingly took me on board their team and allowed me to use my design and fashion skills to make crafts. The sales of these crafts became my sustenance to support my daughter and me. I am deeply appreciative for GAT and their endless love and support.”

Caroline, sewer at GAT since 2012