Operation Hope Foundation

22 years ago, Mr Robert Kee was deeply moved by “Inside Asia”, a television program on child prostitution in Cambodia, and felt the calling to help the orphans and the poor of Cambodia. With obedience to the Lord and compassion for the poor, Robert started Operation Hope Foundation (OHF) with the vision of helping the poor in developing countries. Ever since its incorporation in 2001, OHF has established global charity programs and projects that span across Cambodia, Nepal and Thailand. These projects are micromanaged through tight supervision and control from Singapore to ensure no frauds or wasteful expenditure of donations and to have a maximum benefit to cost ratio for the beneficiaries.

The polymer clay project was conceived ten years ago with the aim of providing employment for impoverished villagers who had neither education nor skills and were not able to get a proper job. When the project was launched, an average income for a villager in Prey Veng was about US$20 a month. The villagers whom OHF employed could earn US$60 – $80 a month, which was an integral support for their children and families. In addition, revenue from the sale of polymer clay crafts is channelled to supporting the operations in Hope Village Prey Veng, OHF’s Children’s Home in Cambodia.

Today, OHF runs three Children’s Homes in the three countries of operations to provide a safe refuge for the children to happily and healthily grow up in. In order to break out of their poverty cycle, they believe skills training programs will equip rural youths with relevant skills to ensure that they can look forward to a better future. The program objectives include learning the English language to conduct simple business transactions, computer skills to design brochures and other marketing collaterals, and a positive attitude to plan for the future. OHF also runs Community Development projects to build housing, water and sanitation facilities for rural villagers.

As OHF continues to transform lives of the poor through high-benefit-to-cost programs and to make HOPE real, you can also make a difference for them.

Hope Village Prey Veng

Meet a HVPV Alumni Blessed by OHF

“I first joined Hope Village Prey Veng (HVPV) when I was 10 years old. I was extremely shy and introverted. Thankfully, through many years of guidance by OHF’s caring staff at HVPV, I developed confidence and became self-reliant. We engaged in activities such as music lessons, tuition and stimulating games (e.g. Risk, Monopoly) and they built my confidence in my personal skills.

Back then, we were like frogs in a well, looking up through a narrow space and thinking that the world out there was small. But Lok Ta (Khmer for Grandpa) Robert always shared how big and colourful the world is. He was also constantly asking us questions to help us be bolder to speak up.

Over the years, HVPV has given me the opportunity to learn economic concepts like marketing and production at a very young age. Today, I am handling administrative work, accounts and operations in a chicken farm in Siem Reap. I am also one of the first few instructors for OHF’s skills training program for rural youths. It was called the Computer, Attitude, Skills & English (CASE) program now known as Training Job Skills for the Service Sector (TJSSS). Till today, I am immeasurably grateful to HVPV. It has provided me with the right foundation to prepare me for a future I had never imagined I could previously achieve.”

Srey Neang, a Cambodian villager with OHF for the past thirteen years