Singapore Association For Mental Health

How often do you take notice of persons with mental illness (PMIs) who have always been on the periphery of society? As Singapore continues to strive towards being a cohesive society, the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) plays a big part in bridging this gap to ensure that no one gets left behind.

48 years ago, SAMH began their works as the first community mental health agency established in this metropolitan city. Over the years, they have consistently provided quality care and rehabilitative services for persons with mental health conditions and developed a social enterprise.

The road travelled by a PMI alone can be painful, but you can make a difference. Never give up on someone with mental illness because when ‘I’ is replaced with ‘we’, even illness can become wellness. Every life is a beauty that everyone should be entitled to experience.

With the desire to build a mentally resilient community, SAMH’s services seek to promote acceptance and respect for PMIs. Today, they offer support, hope and empowerment to PMIs so that they are able to easily reintegrate back to the community.

From what was initially thought of as occupational therapy to help these patients recover, it has developed and grown into a social enterprise of SAMH. Their beneficiaries – the homeless, destitute and those with mental illnesses, are provided shelter. They engage in daily therapy sessions such as painting, handicraft, beadwork arrangements, costume jewellery designing and batik crafts. From the sales of these crafts, a whopping 75% of the revenue goes to these beneficiaries by way of pocket money and livelihood provision. These efforts aid in restoring the beneficiaries’ hearts, mind and courage for them to face the challenges of the world again.

Meet the Recovering Mental Patients Blessed by SAMH


“I started batik painting almost a year ago and have since completed 5 to 6 paintings. Learning to do batik painting makes me feel competent that I am still good at something. This feeling gives me the confidence to continue to paint and to improve on my batik paintings e.g. by making it more colourful. I found inner happiness when I know someone is interested in my batik painting and it gives me much confidence and courage to continue with my interest. Thank you for appreciating my artwork!”

“I enjoy coming to Activity Hub for Hama Beads session as it helps to keep my mind occupied. I feel a sense of satisfaction upon completing it.”


*In order to protect the personal information of the beneficiaries, the names of these brave souls are not revealed.