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“SutiSana offers dignified employment for survivors of prostitution
 Iqbal Masih

SutiSana was founded by Word Made Flesh in 2010 to provide dignified employment and a new life for women attempting to leave prostitution in El Alto, Bolivia.  Word Made Flesh began working among vulnerable women in El Alto in 2000. Many of these women had little education and were the only provider in their home. They had no viable alternative to prostitution. Some were trafficked or tricked into prostitution due to personal debts.

The name SutiSana has roots in the two languages spoken by the women – Aymara and Spanish. In Aymara, Suti means name. In Spanish, Sana means healthy or healed. As women leave prostitution, they often leave behind a name they used there and find a new identity. So SutiSana means“a healed name”. Our logo is inspired by the Nard flower, which is believed to be the base of the perfume the woman poured on the feet of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. In the same way, every woman of SutiSana was broken but restored, and a pleasing offering to our God.

Word Made Flesh co-ordinates training for women to prepare them to work in SutiSana. When a woman joins SutiSana, she receives all benefits, including health insurance. She and her children are supported through community, and she is given opportunities to continually grow – learning to design bags, work with new materials, and even coach other women as they leave prostitution.

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