Talent’sGift started out with an adventurous girl Eileen, who went to Thailand on a trip to learn more about the Thai culture. She learnt that behind every beauty there is a hidden struggle. Human trafficking was the biggest struggle faced by the Thais. Behind every smile is a story of someone in search of freedom and self-worth. Poverty forces a family to sell their child or send their youngest girl to a human trafficker and into the sex industry to earn fast cash and to provide for the family. These children are made to work for a living. They lose their identity and even have no opportunity to know the talent that each of them is given for a purpose on this earth.

Each Life Is Valuable
Support us in the fight against Human Trafficking

Talent’sGift is currently supporting Playworks and another independent artisan in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Behind Playworks is designer Supoj Talent, whose talent and love for design got him to quit his stable design job, in search of creating something unique and beautiful that everyone can take away to remind them of the beauty of Thailand.

Started out from a small street stall in the night bazaar, Playworks has grown tremendously in these 7 years from a street stall to a truck stall and now, a shop that Supoj can call his own. As his business grew, he didn’t forget to give back to those around who have supported him. He started to get his neighbours and family to join him in producing his creations as demand increased. He is giving them a job and helping them to improve in their daily living. While doing all this, he still stays true to his vision of creating amazing gifts and giving back to his community to help uplift the people out of poverty.

The other independent artisan whom Eileen currently supports, is working on a project in Chiangmai, where she rescues orphans from the streets, providing them with food and shelter so that they do not fall victim to human trafficking or the sex trade. Eileen is helping the artisan to sell her accessories because she has a vision of building an orphanage to protect and shelter the homeless orphans of Chiangmai.


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