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Fair Trade, Organic, Wholesome

Our Wisdom For Health products are of excellent quality and made of the finest ingredients to treat your soul and body.

What is Fair Trade?

All our products under Wisdom For Health are Fair Trade certified to ensure that they are ethically produced and the farmers are receiving a reliable source of income to support livelihoods. Fair Trade is based on an equal partnership between the supplier and customer, by offering producers with sustainable trading conditions and practices to enable sustainable development to the workers.

What is Organic?

Many of the products in this range are also Organic (certified). This means that there is a considerably lower concentration of pesticides and other chemical fertilizers compared to products under conventional agricultural practices. In the cases pesticides are used, they are made from natural sources and not synthetically made. Organic products are not only much better for your personal health but protect the natural quality of the environment in which they are grown in.

With these products, you know exactly what you are putting into your body.