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Clayday gives support to a social enterprise in Cambodia that provides employment to a group of mostly women, who are socially underprivileged. Individually hand-rolled, painted, glazed and fired twice in gas kilns at temperatures up to 1100C. Crafted with care, the entire process of making these beads out from clay takes 15 days. Perfection lies in their differences. Read More


Autumn NecklaceAutumn Necklace
Claycube NecklaceClaycube Necklace

Claycube Necklace

Fresh Mint NecklaceFresh Mint Necklace
Fresh Mint NecklaceFresh Mint Necklace
Green Floral NecklaceGreen Floral Necklace
Purple Floral NecklacePurple Floral Necklace
Symmetrix NecklaceSymmetrix Necklace
Wrist CandiesWrist Candies