Tamar Village
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Tamar Village

Tamar Village Ministry was established in 2010 to reach out to ladies trapped in the sex trade in Singapore. The ministry has been reaching out and walking with the ladies through a journey of healing and restoration, through counselling, coaching and discipleship. Recently, they started a 3-year reformation programme focused on transforming the lives of ex-streetwalkers and re-introducing them back to the society. The ladies are taught how to hope once again and to realise that they are still precious despite the circumstances that they have gone through. The products sold here are hand-sewn by the ladies, and all the proceeds from the sales will go towards funding their journey of transformation into productive members of society once again. Read More


Fabric Pencil CasesFabric Pencil Cases
Plastic Bag DispenserPlastic Bag Dispenser
Striped Drawstring Bag with Waterproof LiningStriped Drawstring Bag with Waterproof Lining
Fabric Tissue HolderFabric Tissue Holder