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“A Light in the Darkness”

Touch Nature is a social enterprise that specialises in producing a diverse range of natural beauty and aromatherapy products, lovingly handmade by women who have committed themselves to leaving the flesh trade and starting afresh. We provide victims of human trafficking in Kolkata with the opportunity to leave the sex trade with confidence and engage in dignified labour. We train and equip our staff with the necessary skills to produce quality soap and aromatherapy products of natural goodness that is beneficial to both your wellbeing and the environment, and staff members also have the opportunity to receive training for managerial and administrative positions.

We strongly believe that all of us should answer the call to help the poor by teaching them to fish rather than simply giving them the fish. It ensures a sustainable future and allows them to provide for themselves with dignity and purpose.

Our aim is to reach out to females who because of their poverty, became victims of the human trafficking that plies from Nepal to India. We hope to continue to bring hope, healing and light into the hearts and souls of each person that Touch Nature has salvaged and created employment for. Read More


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