Village Artisan
21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, 03-30 I-cube Building +65 8588735 [email protected] Total sales: 13

Village Artisan

Our-story_grande Every person has a story:  The story of Village Artisan is about empowering women, giving dignified work to men and delivering fashionable quality products to you, the discerning and socially conscious buyer. Read More


Butterfly Scarf – Ocean Depths$41.90Butterfly Scarf – Ocean Depths$41.90
Butterfly Scarf – Warm Sunset$41.90Butterfly Scarf – Warm Sunset$41.90
Freedom Shrug – Black with TrianglesFreedom Shrug – Black with Triangles
Freedom Shrug – Black Wood FloorFreedom Shrug – Black Wood Floor
OUT OF STOCKFreedom Shrug – Blue and Salmon Baroque
OUT OF STOCKFreedom Shrug – Blue Diamonds
Freedom Shrug – Blue Water PaintFreedom Shrug – Blue Water Paint
Freedom Shrug – Borders Black FlowersFreedom Shrug – Borders Black Flowers
OUT OF STOCKFreedom Shrug – Stormy WeatherFreedom Shrug – Stormy Weather
Freedom Shrug – Summer CarnivalFreedom Shrug – Summer Carnival
Bangle – Jangle BangleBangle – Jangle Bangle
Bangles – Sari Wooden (Jade)